One Touch Super Range Extension - button cloned Wi-Fi simplifies configuration and helps you create a wireless network without cuts
The HomePlug AV standard provides up to 500 Mbps data transmission at high speed through the existing electrical wiring in a home. Ideal for HD playback without delay, 3D video streaming or online gaming
Extend 300Mbps wireless connections to areas of your home and office previously elusive
Integrated socket to ensure that no decision is lost

powerline adapters take advantage of your home's existing electrical wires to transfer data while transfering traditional power. That means, with no additional wires required, users can simply plug the powerline adapters into existing power sockets and establish networking infrastructure in a flash. With this innovative new technology, messy cabling and wireless dead spots are now things of the past

              MeggaFast 4G Internet -  Home and Business

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PicoStations and NanoStations for External or Internal wi-fi access